Admin Assistants

The Greyhounds Committee are very pleased to announce the part time appointments of Llewellyn and Lachlan as Admin Assistants for the 2019 season. We are excited to see our juniors transitioning into adults in our Club, who want to take some ownership for the future direction and growth of everything Greyhounds. Those who attended Rego Day would have seen both our Admin Assistants in action!

Moving forward, Llewellyn will work closely with Jill on day to day administration tasks, especially during this busy time at the front end of a new season. Lachlan may be in this space as well, but has also agreed to review and revise some of the underlying policy of our Club. A look at our constitution and re-registration with ASIC are on the agenda this year.

Please join us (the Committee) in welcoming Llewellyn and Lachlan into this new role within our Club.

If you would like to become more involved with Greyhounds please email either me ( or Jill ( to express your interest and begin a discussion. There are some bigger roles like V/President and Treasurer, but also lots of other places where you could make a contribution.

God Bless

We will see who is under whose thumb, Lachlan!