General Meeting


Greyhounds Christian Soccer Club Inc. is convening a General Meeting at which resolution/s will be proposed as special resolutions to alter the rules of the association.

The meeting will be held 6pm on Tuesday 4 June 2019 at theHudson Park undercover area.

Special resolution/s:

Many changes and additions have been made to bring our Rules up to date with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. Please review the changes, which are noted in the comments section of the proposed new Rules, and have been emailed to all members.

The new Rules will be voted upon at the meeting.

Contact Jill Carter with any questions to the proposed changes.

Information for Members:

  • Rule 16.6 does not allow for proxy votes at General Meetings
  • Notice of a proposed special resolution to alter the rules, name or objects must be sent to all members of the Association.
  • In accordance with Rule 16.2 meetings shall be called by the Secretary of the Club by notifying all Members in writing (email) not less than two (2) weeks prior to the date of the meeting.
  • Alterations to the rules can only be made if supported by 75% of members voting at the meeting.
  • Alterations to the rules only take effect when lodged with the Department of Commerce.