CovID-19 Update

WACFA Clubs Presidents held a meeting with Executives of WACFA  last week and agreed to the following with regards to training and the 2020 season.

  1. Clubs are to seek approval and comply with Local Authorities with access to training venues.
  2. Ensure training methods and activities comply with WA Government and Health Department rules and guidelines.

To that end WACFA has provided the following critical information presented by the WA Government:

Can I play soccer socially at the park if there are 20 of us?

Soccer is a contact sport and is prohibited, however, non- contact training or kick to kick is permitted for up to 20 people at a local park.

The space you are playing in must be big enough to provide at least 4 square metres per person and participants should practice social distancing of 1.5 metres from other people.

The playing of contact sports remains a prohibited activity.

Are sporting clubs able to return and is full contact allowed?

Sporting activities that are non-contact and involve no more than 20 people are allowed. This includes children’s sport.

Minimal shared equipment should be used and cleaned frequently.

This includes non – contact training for sports that would ordinarily involve contact (such as soccer, football, hockey , basketball and netball)

Contact sports remain a prohibited activity.

For more detailed information , Football West has provided the following link which WACFA recommends you study:

With respect to season commencement, WACFA cannot confirm a start date nor guarantee a competition until the Authorities lift the restrictions.

WACFA’s intention is to collaborate closely with clubs to commence competitions as quickly as possible once the above is confirmed.

The goal will be to maximise the number of weeks that can be accommodated prior to the normal annual closing date of 19 September.