FFA Cup winners

Greyhounds CSC is very happy to celebrate the success of our Men’s Titans in this year’s FFA Cup competition. The FFA Cup is an opportunity for men’s teams to nominate for a sudden death competition, with games played against other teams across the state and ultimately nationally (if you keep winning). A-league teams join the FFA Cup competition from the round of 32.

The Titans are the first team from Greyhounds to ever compete at this level and played the first game of any WACFA team in the FFA Cup.

Join us in celebrating their success as you read the following reports. We thank the Coach of the Titans, Dan Hamer, for supplying this detail.

Game 1
On Sat 6th March, 16 Greyhounds Titans players, coaches and supporters jumped on a 21-seater coach and travelled to Kalgoorlie (8hrs) to compete in the 2nd round of the 2021 FFA Cup. The game was a home game for Twin City Saints FC but made history as the first game played by a WACFA team in the FFA Cup competition.

The game was intense, and the weather humid; however, the large local crowd were accommodating. Going 1-0 down in the first 2mins was hardly the best start to the match, but goals followed from Ben Spiccia, Josiah Naidoo and Ethan Pemberton, and the Titans went into the half-time break leading 3-2.

After the break, the end-to-end game should have been settled by a Sam Del Pino converted penalty; however, Twin City Saints were roared on by their local support and encouraged by the fact three Titans players were either injured or suffering severe cramp. Thirty minutes of desperate defending and heroic goal keeping ensued, and it was a breakaway goal by Ethan Pemberton that eventually won the game for Titans (5-4).

History was made as Greyhounds Titans became the first WACFA team to win a match in the FFA Cup and this made the return trip back to Perth the next day all the sweeter.

Game 2
Titans second game (3rd round) was scheduled against state league team, Fremantle City FC.

In what promised to be a classic David v Goliath encounter, the Titans made their way to the impressive home of FCFC with enthusiasm, belief, and excitement.

Buoyed on by a large crowd who came to cheer on the Titans, the reality of the task at hand became apparent, with Fremantle boasting two retired professional players in Perth Glory player, Todd Howorth (82 games, 2009-2012) and English Football League One player, Matt Sparrow (150 League One games, 2005-2013, and scorer of two goals at Wembley Stadium in a play-off final).

The experience of playing in such a game will remain for a long time, but ultimately the speed, fitness and ability of the semi-professional outfit shone through with Fremantle City running out comfortable winners (9-1). 

The lads never gave up and a highlight of the day was Sheldon Gill scoring a wonderful goal which was celebrated with fervour by players, coaches, and spectators alike.

‘Although our FFA Cup dream is over for this year, it was an absolute privilege to represent Greyhounds, and WACFA, in this prestigious competition’ (Dan).