Coaches and Managers

Team Coaches and Managers must be practising Christians who attend a Christian church regularly and fulfill all conditions of the WACFA Constitution (Rule Team Coaches must complete a Form 2 (PDF) and hold a current Working with Children card (where applicable under the appropriate legislation).Assistant Coaches must fulfill all conditions of the WACFA Constitution (Rule Assistant Coaches must fill out a Form 2 (PDF) or a Form 9 (PDF) and must have a current Working with Children card (where applicable under the appropriate legislation).

Coaches aged 14 to 17 years are subject to the same  Form 2 (PDF) or Form 9 (PDF) requirements. In addition,  they must be supervised at all times by an adult who holds a Form 2 (PDF) and a current Working with Children card (where applicable under the appropriate legislation).

Each official must have their registration documents submitted to the WACFA office, by the Club,  for verification and approval prior to the commencement of duties.

Coaching a Junior sporting team can feel like a daunting task particularly if you have never done so before, but it can also be very rewarding.  Without our parents stepping up to volunteer as Coaches and Managers our children would not have the opportunity to play this great game and the Greyhounds Club would cease to exist.

Greyhounds CSC will provide support and assistance both at training and on game days, expecially for our new and inexperienced coaches and managers.

Once you’ve done it you’ll never look back!!


If you are interested in becoming a coach, manager or assistant for the 2017 season, please contact the club via email at


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